In February 2022, my coding journey took off with the purchase of an HTML and CSS course from Code with Mosh.  After several months of learning these courses, I felt lost and didn’t know where to start finding my path as a developer. One day I came across Joe in his Coding Phase YouTube videos and he did a great job reeling me into becoming a Diamond member on October 31st, 2022. I was immediately exposed and became interested in email development, which I was unaware was an actual career. Attending every Monday accountability meetings with Joe and the HTML and CSS Workshop on Wednesdays with Karen helped to get my portfolio up and running. With these talented mentors and their feedback, I felt well-prepared to pursue positions as an Email Developer.  

After months of applying, I struggled to receive callbacks and secure interviews due to my lack of experience in the field. Fortunately, I was offered a couple of CathAFire projects by one of my peers, which contributed to my professional experience. While working towards landing a job, Joe suggested revising my resumé. It was during this process that Ivan Hurt swooped in and created a killer resumé for me. I continued building experience and improving projects for my portfolio.  

Simultaneously while applying for jobs, I was consistently networking on LinkedIn, where my efforts paid off and I finally caught a break. My life positively changed on Veterans Day 2023, when one of my connections recommended me for an Email Developer role at Taylor Guitars and thankfully, I got the job on November 14th, 2023! I had prepared and prayed to God every night for an opportunity like this and he blessed me! I am very fortunate and grateful to have landed such a rewarding position. Without Coding Phase, I wouldn’t have known the right path to get into the industry.  A huge thanks to Joe, Karen, the Coding Phase community, my family, my girlfriend Jocelyn, and everyone who helped me get to this point. I love what I do, and this is just the beginning! Have patience, be persistent, and never give up! Your time WILL come!

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