If you are a diamond member you have access to exclusive workshops at to help you stay focus and give you support if you are stuck anywhere in the courses.

Accountability Meeting

Host: Joe Santos Garcia.

Date:  Mondays 7pm EST (New York Time)

Monday accountability meeting are a great way to get help and accountability related to your developer career. We meet online in a Zoom call, and we have an opportunity to help each other with whatever we're working on (projects, interviews, random questions, ect..) It's a really supportive environment, and it's helped a lot of students with my their job search. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for accountability and support. Accountability Meeting


HTML & CSS Workshop

Host: Karen

Date:  Wednesdays 7pm EST (New York Time)

Looking to improve your HTML and CSS skills? Then join us every Wednesday night for our workshop at Hosted by Karen, this workshop is the perfect place to get help with any problems you might be facing, and to create projects together in order to become better with HTML and CSS. Many students give up when learning HTML and CSS because they get stuck in the beginning stages. So with this workshop, we want to make sure no one gives up. By providing extra support, we hope to keep everyone on track so they can succeed in becoming proficient with these essential coding languages. Join us today and see how much you can improve in just one workshop!