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In a world dominated by medical ambitions, my journey into the tech industry was anything but typical. I initially aimed to become a physician assistant but was confronted with the impossible task of juggling a full-time job at a bustling hospital and a full-time student schedule. Faced with the hospital's inability to accommodate my ambitions, I decided to take a different path.

I ventured into entrepreneurship, starting with a humble rickshaw rental business. Through hard work and determination, I eventually purchased my own rickshaw, marking the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. Along the way, I co-founded Snackaholics, a local snack delivery service, with a well-rounded team.

As I sought ways to break into the tech world, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of my next step. It was then that I discovered CodingPhase's YouTube channel. Joe's guidance and tutorials ignited my passion for web development. I reached out to him, and to my surprise, he offered me an internship opportunity that changed the course of my career. Today, I'm a successful tech professional, working as a contractor for FEMA, all thanks to the incredible journey that led me to CodingPhase and Joe's mentorship. My story is a testament to the power of determination and seizing unconventional opportunities in the tech industry.

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