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Hey Joe,
Joe's creation, Coding Phase, is something for which I am eternally grateful. Before joining his accountability meetings in December 2022, I had been trying the self-taught route for two years with minimal progress towards landing a job. I had learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and React Native, but despite my efforts, I was struggling to secure a job opportunity.

However, Joe's plan for helping people get their first job in tech felt like he had cracked the code of success. Joining Coding Phase was a turning point for me. At the age of 28, I was working as a barista and felt stuck, believing that my life would always be limited to that role no matter how hard I tried.

Through Joe's program and advice, I was able to change my trajectory and achieve my goal of getting a job in the tech industry. The guidance and support I received from Joe was instrumental in helping me reach this milestone. I will forever be grateful to Joe for making a positive impact on my life and helping me unlock new opportunities in the tech field. If you are willing to work hard, and take honest feedback. You will reach your goals with the guidance of joining the Coding Phase community.
Thank you again Joe from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your time and the advice you've provided. Your work has truly made a significant impact on my life. I am now a proud member of the coding phase community, and I'll cherish this connection forever. Once again, thank you for everything.

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