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I started my journey by hearing about coding from my father encouraging me to dive into medical or software because those careers will always be in demand. Later, I decided to start getting into software development and began to take time every day to learn HTML. I found I enjoyed learning HTML, so I attended a Bootcamp in 2018 where I learned how to become a full-stack developer, with a tech stack that covered HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript, React, Redux, Mongo DB, Express, NoSql, and SQL. Once I graduated from my bootcamp, I went straight into looking for work and applying for job placement as a Front-End developer. Through that process, I put out at least 300 different applications at the time, and then primarily heard from various companies stating, “currently your experience as a developer doesn’t meet our required skillset for this position”, or “we decided to go with another candidate.”

At that point, I decided to do some research on finding a mentor that would help me acquire the skills necessary for me to dive into the industry as a developer. Later, I ran across ‘Codingphase‘ Youtube channel that was recommended to me through the Youtube Algorithm. I decided that I would give him a shot once I saw one of his HTML Email Developer videos; he sold me once he said all you need to know is HTML & CSS. I later then bought the Codingphase $20 monthly membership and took his HTML Email Developer course. Once I finished the course and built several personal projects, I decided to apply to some companies once again. This time I received some calls, and not that much longer later I landed my role at my current job I’m working for right now. Thank you Joe for always giving back to others through your blood and sweat. I wouldn’t be in this position being an Email developer if you hadn’t made the time to create that course for individuals like myself. I 100% recommend Codingphase to anybody thinking about diving into a Web Developer career or Email developer career!

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