I started doing web development work several years ago when I had a hydro-graphics business and I learned some basic web stuff to manage and maintain the site for that business. I didn't really consider doing that for a living until several years later.

I started learning web development and I spent about a year learning the MERN stack and as soon as I started looking for a job COVID hit.

So about that time I saw you on youtube talking about Shopify development and how COVID will help the growth of Shopify and I thought well that makes sense.

I signed up for codingphase to learn Shopify development and I immediately started getting work on Upwork doing Shopify theme work and I did that for almost a year until a company I had done some work for (through upwork) asked if I wanted to work for them full-time. So I have been working for them doing Shopify theme and app development and BigCommerce theme work for the past 2 years and I have done some mobile app development because I am the only developer that works there. They ask me if I can do something and I can't say no so I end up having to figure out how to do it.

I do remote work for them, and I also have another part time job doing basically contract work for another e-commerce company doing their Shopify work. I also do other side work with various freelance projects, mostly Shopify and Wordpress jobs. I do a decent amount of jobs just making Shopify stores load faster by refactoring all of the JavaScript to use newer Browser APIs and sometimes by going completely headless.
I am using codingphase now to learn PHP and Laravel to get to the next stage of my career.

Thank You,

James Hagood

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