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Devin Martinez - Email Developer

Devin Martinez - Email Developer
Devin Martinez Email Developer

I’ve been learning on codingphase for about 6 months now. Didn’t really get focused until about 2 months ago when I decided on HTML email development as my first job. It was definitely a lot of work but I did it man! I accepted a job yesterday from a smaller travel company as their “Email marketing specialist” for $72k/year. This is life-changing for me.

For some context, my job I just left was as a pellet stove technician. I was literally cleaning stoves all day lol I hated it. And I was making $23/hour. So thanks to you, I went from making around $47k to $72k in 2 MONTHS. And I plan to get growing very quickly from here.

Just having these opportunities ahead of me is so damn exciting man. So I just want to thank you. You sped up what would’ve probably taken me a year or two. This is huge for me, my girlfriend, and my family. I can finally enjoy life the way I’ve wanted to, without stressing bills and all that. So again, thank you for all your help. I hope my story can motivate others like others stories have kept me motivated on my journey.


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