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Donly Wilson - Email Developer

Donly Wilson - Email Developer
Donly Wilson Email Developer

I Joined CodingPhase back in 2020 after wasting almost a full year trying to do it on my own. A huge mistake attempting to learn from multiple instructors who all have different methods to obtaining the same objective. This only left me with a clouded understanding of programming. Within the first seven months of jumping onto the CodingPhase platform, I gain all the skills to become full-stack. Due to the simplistic format that is repeatedly used in every course. After building my portfolio and polishing my resume, I started hitting up all companies in my local area. With luck and patience, I got my first job as a web developer and have gone as far as learning app development within the company. The most challenging part of this journey was the self decline and resilience that had to be built as a beginner while working a construction job. I recommend just showing up every day and at the minimum committing one line of code. The platform delivers, but joining is the easiest part it is only up to you to produce consistent work.

I’m about to be in my 3rd year of CodingPhase and I love it. The coding might have brought me here but Joe’s mindset and relatable personality are what kept me.

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