Nicksonder Examar Front End Developer

I first started taking courses in 2018, after graduating high school, I didn’t want to waste time taking useless courses in college without having a goal in mind so I spend two years searching for a career I would love, Web Development seems to be the pathway for me and after some more searching, I found CodingPhase’s YouTube channel. CodingPhase has been a great part of my success in landing a job, I first learned HTML/CSS syntax on Code Academy, but everything else I learned on CodingPhase. The way Joe, the instructor, explains things, a 10 years old kid can learn to code from him, he breaks difficult concepts down and makes them simple for your to understand.

All thanks to Joe, the next step is to learn as much as I can and be able to achieve my ultimate goal.

Thanks again, Joe, this is just the beginning!


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