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I signed up for CodingPhase when all other tutorials were letting me down.  Either they were too theoretical with not enough practical application, or they were written from an advanced student perspective, leaving critical parts out that I needed to comprehend the material.  CodingPhase was that one place that took me step by step in learning web development in a practical project-based way. Along with FreeCodeCamp and guidance from my local tech community, I landed my first job as a web content developer in the Spring of 2018.  By summer 2019, I had enough skills to level up and I became a full stack developer with FedEx Services building Spring Boot microservices to manage and direct package sortation at our many global hubs.  Two years in, I was promoted to Developer II.  Two years later, I accepted an offer as a Developer Advocate with Vaadin, a move that literally doubled my salary.  All of this essentially started with

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