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My coding journey started almost 2 years ago. I joined a 6 month bootcamp learning JavaScript, React, MongoDB, NodeJs, and Express. For me, the bootcamp taught too much in a short amount of time. When I finished I still didn’t have a clue how to build anything. So I spent another 7 months learning on my own. 


When I started applying to jobs, 1 month went by and I didn't even get a response back. I knew I was doing something wrong and I needed a blueprint that 100% worked. 


That’s why I joined CodingPhase. Joe's mission is to help you get a job. His advice goes beyond just coding. He’ll show you how to create a portfolio website, how to optimize that website, where to search for jobs, the keywords you need for your search, etc… He will walk you through the job hunting process.


He genuinely wants people to win. You can trust him. After 3 months of following Joe’s advice, I got my first job as an email developer. CodingPhase is the best community to be part of. From the courses to the people. 


If you’re reading this and are on the fence, trust me, save yourself the time and money and let Joe show you the way. 


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