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If You Landed Here

Why you are on this page?

To help us prevent fraud we have decided that we will no longer accept users that are using VPNs, Proxies, TOR, or any other way way to hide your IP address.

We also have realized 100% that most scammers trying to use fake credit cards on our platforms are all from the same locations so to stop this we have banned certain IPs and countries from using our services.

We are a small business and everytime someone uses a fake credit card we get hit with a charge back not only we have to return the money to the person that got their credit card stolen but also we have to pay $15 to $25 dollars to the banks.

To be able to continue to do this service of helping students around the world we have to protect ourselves from these scams as much as we can because it's really costing us alot of money that we don't have to spare.

If you feel you landed on this page by error and looking to sign up to with a legit account please email us