Hello Joe,

I wanted to take time out to write you this testimony of how I was able to switch careers to become a web developer through codingphase.com.

To start with, I am from Nigeria and I have a PhD in Computer Science. I have been teaching at the university full time for about a decade. On the side, I built a few conference websites for my university (nothing too serious). When I bagged my PhD in October 2017, I knew it was time to move on to something else. Precisely, I wanted to become a full-time web developer. 

In 2019, I immigrated to Canada as part of pursuing my dream of becoming a web developer. I was fortunate to find a part-time job as a professor in one of the colleges. This gave me time to rebrand myself and my resume. It was around this time that I stumbled on codingphase.com. I bought your course and that of Colt Steele at the same time because I was desperate. I started with Colt Steele’s course but got kind of bored and then tried codingphase.com. After your HTML and CSS course, I was hooked. The quality of the project from the course was amazing and I knew that I needed to learn the stuff you were teaching. You were essentially teaching me to be job-ready and that was what I needed. 

I went on to take the course on building a brand as a developer where we built a portfolio website. I then took the course on transforming any static site into WordPress. In this course, you took the portfolio website and transformed it into WordPress. I just followed your steps and hosted the website (https://adewoleadewumi.me). After this, I went back to learn JavaScript (ES5, ES6 and ESNext). I then tried out React but didn’t understand the concepts. Then came your course on Angular. I took the course and then went back to look at React and everything began to make sense. I then built out an Architectural Firm website using React and was able to get it done. 

In order to become fully confident, I took your course on building a full stack restaurant application using Laravel. Of course PHP jobs were plentiful in Ottawa where I reside. I put all these projects on my portfolio website and then started applying to jobs. This was about 7 months after I started learning at codingphase.com.

The first job I got was an unpaid internship which was to last 3 months after which the company would decide whether or not they would hire me. I had only worked two weeks with them when I got an offer from another digital agency where they would pay me to work full-time. Like you would always advise, I switched jobs because I might as well start getting paid while learning.

I resumed with the digital agency on June 24th 2020 as a WordPress developer. The first day was like being dropped in an ocean and not knowing how to swim 🙂 I almost felt like I had jumped into the wrong profession. However, you had taught us how to research when we found ourselves in difficult situations. I spent every free time after office hours getting to familiarise myself with the theme the company uses for development and began to record small successes. 
The company also builds shopify themes and apps for clients so I have bought your courses on those topics and have started getting my feet wet. I plan to gain as much as I can while I am at this company before moving on to the next step of becoming my own boss.

I am not there yet but the future is being re-written today.
Thanks Joe for what you do at CodingPhase.com