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The average American makes about $35,000 dollars per year working in jobs like retail, customer service, hospitality, and other dead end jobs. Now Software Developers make up to $250,000 dollars per year... That's a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!

Most people think you need to be a genius or be really good with math... but in reality this is just a skill that anyone can learn with the right training.

Let me share my story with you… I worked every bullsh*t job you could think of everything from Retail to Supermarket To Call Center even Parking Lot attendant. Not saying those are bad jobs but they were definitely paying horrible wages. I found myself at 24 years old living with my mom, no car, no vacations, barely enough to pay for my New York City Metro Card. So then I decided let me go back to school and get an associates degree in a local community college to see if I’m able to earn more. After graduating I ended up working as IT worker earning 10,000 dollars more than what I earned as a Parking Lot Attendant without a degree (What A Joke)… That’s when I realized I needed to find a better career that actually pays so I focused on learning web development!

Fast Forward To Now I'm Generating About $500,000 Dollars A Year Definitely The Best Decision I've Made In My Life!

I Don't Want To Sell You A Dream of "Hey This Is How You Become A Millionaire and Here's How To Get a Lamborghini" Because I'm not a millionaire and I don't drive a Lamborghini... But what I can do for you is help you get the skills to get job opportunities and also how you can make income for yourself either freelancing or building your own apps...

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