Can you introduce yourself (name, location, age, etc…)?

Hey my name is Christos Efstathiades. Currently I am living in Worcester, England and I’m 15

How did you get interested in programming?

I always loved video games and interested in how they were made, when I was 13 I was in class when our teacher introduced us to python, I found it very interesting but ironically I sucked at it. Despite that I kept thinking about the class and how cool it was and although you would think as a 13 year old I would dream about creating awesome video games which i did, I also loved the idea of creating websites.

When did you start learning to code?

10 months ago, I took action and began learning python as well as HTML and CSS.

Where do you learn new skills?

I started with sololearn where I learned a decent chunk of HTML and CSS but eventually moved on to youtube tutorials where I learned PHP and udemy where i learned javascript. I’m only 15 so I’m not really CodingPhase’s demographic.

What do you love the most about programming?

Building cool stuff and solving problems, It also relaxes me from school and keeps me busy but also the community.

What do you hate about programming?

The Impostor syndrome that i feel even tough i’m not applying fo jobs

Are you currently working as a developer?

No I plan to get a dev job for that experience but also due to my age I will likely be building niche sites and all that stuff before I get a job. I got some ideas I can’t wait to put out

What’s your favorite stack or type of applications?

I’ve been using laravel for about 4 weeks and i love it so I guess my favourite stack is WAMP.

What’s a technology or language or skill you wish to learn in the future?

  • React
  • C# for unity

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

i’ll be almost 21 so likely graduating from university

If you were to go back into time and give yourself an advice to make it easier to learn to code what would you say?

To start working on my portfolio sooner