Why learn to build Angular JS web applications with Typescript JS?…

Knowledge of Javascript frameworks is central to the construction of high-quality web applications. Angular JS is a modern frontend framework that allows developers to present new data and elements on a webpage without having to reflow the entire view. It is a popular technology that was created by web software engineers at Google and shares many of the programming paradigms that are central to traditional computer science concepts used in the software development industry. The Angular framework is more formal and structural than other Javascript libraries. It works by dynamically injecting assets into the HTML elements of the webpage. Angular is preferred by traditional businesses that have enterprise-level web applications because the codebase must be written in a preferred structural way that allows it to be maintained with ease in the future.

Typescript is one of the most trendy technologies in web software development because it expands the functionality of modern Javascript. Developers use Typescript so they can be more descriptive of the data types, and long term functionality of code they write. Code written in Typescript is more readable because its logic is clearly defined, and it is easier to debug once the application is pushed into production. Both new and experienced developers will benefit from learning to use this superset technology because it can be applied to anything you build using regular Javascript.


Traditional businesses and enterprise-level jobs that typically require a college degree value developers who are familiar with the development patterns used with the Angular framework. Trendy tech companies that make web-based software prefer Angular developers because they can use the strictly-typed language patterns commonly used to develop backend software. Backend developers who use traditional strict languages will transition into full-stack roles readily with knowledge of Typescript. Freelance developers can attract professional clientele who prefer enterprise-level development.

Course Project

Instruction starts with a full introduction to Typescript and how it is used as a superset of Javascript to give extra structure to our code. We then transition into the fundamentals of Angular and why it’s component structure is useful in real-world applications. Students will build a frontend interface for a movie theater application for the final project. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer and basic knowledge of how to use a text editor. Students must have a familiarity with the files needed to run a web application, with an understanding of basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript syntax. Developers should know more advanced concepts like Object Oriented Programming, ES6+, and the ability to use Flexbox to align things. Students are encouraged to use Git/Github or any version control software they’re comfortable with to track changes made to the codebase. Users should be able to work with the command-line interface and have familiarity with the Webpack-based Developer Starter Kit. Note-taking is encouraged.

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The CodingPhase platform is the only place where students consistently learn the required skills to get a job while building real projects, using the fundamental developer software, documentation, and real-world approaches used within the industry daily. Project-based instruction enables students to learn in a grounded sequential matter that removes the burden of having to rely on memorized instruction because each project drills through how things are used repeatedly. Project-based learning is important because it saves students from the frustration of having to start over multiple times. Students learn the practical workflow used in real-world development so the skills learned can be duplicated intuitively.

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