Why learn to build Responsive HTML Emails?…

The modern sales process of most companies depends heavily upon interactions with customers that take place online. Companies use email correspondence to maintain relationships with their customer base, introduce new products and information. Email development is a unique skill set because the process requires its HTML elements to be nested and styled with CSS in such a unique way.

Users who complete this coursework will be trained in the modern design process of how to take a design from a photo document and build it piece by piece with HTML and CSS. The coursework covers important documentation used within the industry, as well as significant tips to avoid as a developer. Students will learn to make sure the email is viewable on different screen sizes, how to optimize images, and the best way to test each email for compatibility with the multitude of email clients that are popularly used to view messages.


Email development is a unique skill set that may serve as an advantage for a frontend developer looking for employment. The exclusive role of Email Developer is often popular among web designers looking to transition into a programming role. This skill set is ideal for someone who would like to work closely with the business, and visual design aspects of a company or digital agency. Email Developer roles may sometimes be less competitive to acquire than other developer positions, and may also be as lucrative as other positions with experience.

Course Project

The sample project of this course is a long-form email from a digital watch company used to advertise its products. The design will be built from a photo document, and all of the tools necessary for the process will be covered and do not require any additional purchases. There are multiple sections in the sample project, so students who complete the course will have ample practice designing different layouts with various constraints. Lastly, the course covers how to deploy emails specifically to Gmail, and use Litmus to test for compatibility among other email clients. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. This course will also provide experience using the Developer Starter Kit, which is a custom Webpack build-system that is popular in the web/software development industry.

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer and basic knowledge of how to use a text editor. Students are expected to have a basic working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Note-taking is encouraged.

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