Why recreate the Mixer gaming website with your HTML and CSS skills?…

Popular websites are often built by the best professional developers in the industry. The process of creating a replica of a successful web application ensures that your programming knowledge is up to par with prominent professionals who are established in the field. CSS is notorious for being difficult to learn. Students will learn to manipulate the layout and styling characteristics of how elements appear inside of the web browser as they build a cool project.

If you want to charge money for your services, it is important to build high-quality projects that look expensive. Techniques used to build this project are transferable to future web apps students wish to work on. We use modern CSS markup properties like import and flexbox to style our website. Students who complete this full course will have a beautiful custom frontend webpage that can be adapted to display a host of different products for future projects and client work.


E-commerce businesses and digital design agencies value frontend developers who have the skills needed to complete this course. Trendy companies and startups value developers who can markup the design of a storefront interface that displays product offerings on a webpage. Freelance developers will benefit from this course because they will gain the ability to build a full webpage with code starting with an image of a cool design.

Course Project

This course and project are ideal for developers who want to build a beautiful project or gain more practice sharpening their frontend markup skills. Instruction starts by breaking down an image of a design we want to replicate into sections. We use a minimal setup with Visual Studio text editor and a popular extension to refresh the browser when code is updated. Students will learn to sample colors, gather icons and image assets needed to build a webpage while drilling through HTML and CSS logic needed to build a deluxe webpage. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer and basic knowledge of how to use a text editor. Students should have a familiarity with the files needed to run a web application, with an understanding of basic HTML and CSS concepts. Students are encouraged to use Git/Github or any version control software they’re comfortable with to track changes made to the codebase. Note-taking is encouraged.

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The CodingPhase platform is the only place where students consistently learn the required skills to get a job while building real projects, using the fundamental developer software, documentation, and real-world approaches used within the industry daily. Project-based instruction enables students to learn in a grounded sequential matter that removes the burden of having to rely on memorized instruction because each project drills through how things are used repeatedly. Project-based learning is important because it saves students from the frustration of having to start over multiple times. Students learn the practical workflow used in real-world development so the skills learned can be duplicated intuitively.

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