PHP 7 and Laravel Master course

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A Framework to build apps quickly

  • Learn to code PHP
  • Object Oriented Programming with PHP
  • Build A website with PHP
  • Learn to connect to a database (MYSQL)
  • Create Migrations
  • Form Validation
  • Eloquent ORM
  • CRUD
  • Learn to use the asset pipeline with laravel
  • Blade Templates and Layouts
  • User Authentication
  • Build an application that connects to an API

Modern PHP


One of the best template engines that just make building websites easier to maintain.

Code Example


atom program


Text editor with syntax highlighting to help write better code

workbench program


We use workbench to learn and use mysql.


Learn to build your own apps
Not just follow an instructor

Fullstack Design Scrapbook

tictactoe game on iphone

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Original $50 saving 0% OFF