Why learn to use version control software Git, Github, Bitbucket, and Sourcetree ?…

This course focuses on the full suite of version control software used in enterprise-level development and how it issued in a professional environment to share code while collaborating on projects. The initial section with familiarize students with the Git software package, which is a computer program that allows the user to take “snapshots” of their codebase as it is written. You will gain an understanding of how crucial it is to use version control properly to backup code during development, how to display your code on the internet, and share it with others on Github.

Users who complete this coursework will gain familiarity with the proper use of Bitbucket, which is often preferred by companies, while Github is typically used for things like open-source and personal projects. The course finishes with the use of Sourcetree as an easy-to-use visual interface commonly used in the industry in place of Git.


Applicants to every level of software/web development are expected to have experience working with version control software as part of their daily developer workflow. Experience using the full suite of tools mentioned above denotes that the applicant is capable of navigating a codebase in a professional setting. Students of this course will gain the knowledge necessary to collaborate safely, contribute code to a large project, and avoid common pitfalls that arise during collaborative development.

Course Project

Instruction starts by familiarizing students with basic syntax, and use case of the shell commands used to operate Git. Ultimately the user transitions to learning about how to secure sensitive data with proper routing, how to merge code safely without causing conflicts, and how to contribute code to a live project. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. 

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer and basic knowledge of how to use a text editor. Note-taking is encouraged.

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