Why learn to use the Express JS framework to handle serverside programming tasks with Node JS?…

Serverside languages and technologies aim to accomplish the same thing. Node JS is a popular modern backend language we use to program server logic that manipulates information stored in databases or received from an additional API source. The Express JS framework is used to handle the request-response cycle with minimal code and can be expanded with additional libraries for extra functionality.

Express is a minimalist, highly adaptive Node Javascript framework that is very popular in the web software development industry. Creative developers like its flexibility because they can mold it to fit different applications with the dynamic set of features that make it suitable to develop mobile and web applications.

Enterprise companies that prefer traditional development patterns incorporate Express as the server layer in MEAN full-stack web applications [MongoDB database, Express web server, Angular frontend clientside JS framework, and Node as the serverside language].

Users who complete this coursework will gain familiarity with the building block of Express and we use it to send and receive data back forth from a database to a frontend viewport. We build a blog project from scratch that serves a powerful visual example of each process that goes on behind the scenes to render webpages.


Boutique development shops prefer using the reliable, lightweight Express JS framework because they can produce productive code quickly and add additional libraries to the codebase to increase functionality as need. Enterprise companies that tend to use Angular JS as their frontend view tend to use Express to develop full-stack applications with the MEAN stack. Freelance developers will benefit from the knowledge of how to use a popular tool to write productive code quickly.

Course Project

Instruction starts by familiarizing students with basic setup necessary to run Express on our server. Students then gain familiarity with the basic structure of the framework and how to use built-in methods to execute tasks. We finish with the build of a blog project that drills through the entire cycle of actions necessary to construct a full-stack web application that pairs a database with the web browser the frontend view. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer and basic knowledge of how to use a text editor. Students must have a familiarity with the files needed to run a web application, with an understanding of basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript syntax. Developers should know more advanced concepts like Object Oriented Programming, ES6+. Users should be able to work with the command-line interface and have familiarity with the Webpack-based Developer Starter Kit. Note-taking is encouraged.

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The CodingPhase platform is the only place where students consistently learn the required skills to get a job while building real projects, using the fundamental developer software, documentation, and real-world approaches used within the industry daily. Project-based instruction enables students to learn in a grounded sequential matter that removes the burden of having to rely on memorized instruction because each project drills through how things are used repeatedly. Project-based learning is important because it saves students from the frustration of having to start over multiple times. Students learn the practical workflow used in real-world development so the skills learned can be duplicated intuitively.

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