Why learn to build responsive web applications?…

The objective of this course is to guide the viewer through the typical build process a frontend developer has to go through to build a modern web site that is capable of reformatting to fit different screen sizes. The project that is built during this course will be adapted from design. Students will learn to extract the color palette necessary to construct the web page and locate the fonts and assets necessary for the page to have the same aesthetic as the sample design.

Users who complete this course will gain familiarity with CSS media queries that shift the display rules of the page to adjust to different sizes. You will gain confidence in your ability to markup a design into a live pixel-perfect web application as you expand your workflow to include problem-solving skills as you refer to the documentation.


Knowledge of responsive design is necessary to work in every role offered as a frontend developer. Experience gained during this course will allow students to fulfill roles in private companies, digital agencies, and make money with web development skills a freelancer. Completion of this course will give your skillsets needed to webpages that can be displayed on mobile phones, tablets, and large screens.

Course Project

Instruction starts with a review of the design document. You then learn to use the required software necessary to establish the color palette that will be used throughout the design. You will learn to display photographs and select the proper fonts and assets necessary to execute the design. The result will yield a responsive webpage that is useful as a task manager application. This course will also provide experience using the Developer Starter Kit, which is a custom Webpack build-system that is popular in the web/software development industry. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. 

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer, basic knowledge of how to use a text editor, and command-line tools. Note-taking is encouraged.

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