Why learn about various software package stacks necessary for professional development?…

A new developers’ first task on a new job is to set up their local computer programming environment with all of the individual programs and dependencies required to produce modern code. Knowledge of software packages is what separates candidates who are viewed as beginners from those who can be effective immediately and help the development team solve issues right away. Developers may be asked questions about various software and packages they use to gauge a candidate’s level of experience. It is important to have a grasp on the installation process and purposes for each software package so that you are seen as someone who does not need to be spoonfed directs to be productive.

Web software development can be done on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. This coursework is a beginner-friendly introduction to the developer dependencies set up in each environment, as well as some tools that are agnostic and work the same on any operating system.


Applicants to every level of software/web development are expected to be adequate at setting up their work environment by installing software dependencies listed in the documentation provided by the company. Experience installing the full suite of tools needed to produce modern code denotes that the applicant is capable of navigating a codebase in a professional setting. Students of this course will gain the knowledge necessary to navigate the basic file structure of Windows and Mac operating systems as well as the software that is used in the industry.

Course Project

Instruction starts with a set of short videos about how to get the most out of the course. Students should then choose the operating system they plan to develop with, then set up the appropriate software dependencies that are needed to complete the course they wish to work on inside the CodingPhase platform. Do not set up everything at once. Take your time and circle back to a new set of software and dependencies as they are needed. Students should be sure to watch the OS Agnostic video involving the Web Developer Starter Kit because we use this particular package often throughout the coursework on this learning platform. All coursework on the CodingPhase platform can be run across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Course Requirements

Students will need a computer and an interest in learning the fundamentals of programming tasks involved in web development. New developers must also approach things with a patient attitude so that they can problem-solve issues as they arrive by searching for solutions in the comment section from other students, or through entries in a search engine. Note-taking is encouraged.

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The CodingPhase platform is the only place where students consistently learn the required skills to get a job while building real projects, using the fundamental developer software, documentation, and real-world approaches used within the industry daily. Project-based instruction enables students to learn in a grounded sequential matter that removes the burden of having to rely on memorized instruction because each project drills through how things are used repeatedly. Project-based learning is important because it saves students from the frustration of having to start over multiple times. Students learn the practical workflow used in real-world development so the skills learned can be duplicated intuitively.

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