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Tech Accelerator

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The Tech Accelerator Program is focused on expediting your journey into the tech industry by focusing on jobs that are willing to take a chance on new developers. This program is a service that works great when combined with the Diamond Membership so we are expecting you are already a diamond member. We are taking the best strategies that has for worked for our top students in these 5 years that we have been in service. We also are being very selective of who we are letting into the program because we want to have a high success rate by making sure that only the right individual that is ready to put in the work joins

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What you get:

Tech Accelerator

  • On Demand Training videos
  • Learn to Optimized Portfolio, Github, LinkedIn
  • Learn to build social media brand as a Developer
  • Teach you how to look for jobs and also provide you with a curated list of jobs that need your services

Diamond Membership (Required)

  • Accountability Meeting(Group Coaching)
  • Live Workshops
  • Unlimited access to 50+ courses and career paths
  • Community Access

Your email account is very important because that's where you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the courses.

If you already a member of make sure you use the same email from your account so it can be linked to your purchase.

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