Hey guys, it's your boy, Joe, back at it again, coding phase.com in this video, I want to go in and talk about web development skills. That I'm glad I missed the bandwagon. Okay. And let's just be honest, right? There's a lot of skills that pop up new framework, new languages constantly. You don't have to learn every single one that just pops up.

And just because it's trending doesn't mean that you need to learn. Okay. So let's get into now, before we begin, I do want to give a shout out to all the creators and the communities of these skills, these language, these frameworks, these packages, this, whatever you want to call them, libraries, whatever they fall under the category.

I want to give a shout-out to them. This is no shock to anybody because. They all are good for their own, niches and, whatever so I give him a shout-out because I know everything that is here and this list doesn't mean that it's not good. It's just for me, it, there was no point of me learning them or focusing on them.

Okay. And usually how do I focus on something and how do I choose? Which is the one that I want to go in and. Very simple. Are there jobs out there? That's number one, number two. Can I make money with it independently? And number three. That's it. It's that simple. Yeah, let's go on to the list. Now, the first one we have here is meteor and media was super popular years ago, probably.

Meteor JS - Javascript Framework

I dunno, 2015. I will say 2016 around there. And a lot of people were constantly saying, oh, you got to learn media or you got to learn meteor. And I think they had a really good idea of like how to do full stack applications with a Java script, but it just, it never picked up. I always felt like it was going to be something neat. I just didn't pay attention to it. And to be honest, I'm glad I didn't learn it.

Elixir - Programming Language

The next one we have here is elixir and elixir is a cool language, right? Is a functional language. And at the end of the day, it was supposed to be like, the replacement of Ruby in a sense, just because of like popularity and a lot of people were saying, oh man, you gotta learn elixir.

You gotta learn elixir. And. Elixir has accomplished a lot of cool things, everything from, even WhatsApp to like, I think like this score, like there's so many companies that use elixir, but I think elixir is so neat for a specific type of applications that I just, I never learned it. And, I never invested time and I do want to.

I dabbled into all of this technologies that I'm mentioning in this video. But when I say I didn't learn it, like I didn't go deep into it. I just used it for what it was and checked it out and saying, can I really use it? Then I look to it. Do they have jobs? Is there enough jobs for me to say, I should learn this when you know, is this like an industry standard?

And elixir was one of those things where there was companies. But not enough companies where I welfare It was worth my time at the time. Okay.

ELM - Javascript Framework

Another framework that at one point had a lot of hype was Elm and people were talking about em like, oh, this is going to replace JavaScript. This is going to replace all the frameworks.

It's all functional and this and that. And it's going to be so great. But once you start looking at the syntax of. You started noticing it was like, yo, hold on, bro. I'm not switching on what I'm doing right now to go in and build applications like this thing to me is a mess.

I mean it just the syntax spot itself. Yes. It could be. That's great. But at the same time it was like, bro no, I'm not going to go in if I'm really good at with JavaScript, but I'm not going to go in and focus on something completely different than what we've been doing for the past 10 to 20 years,


the next one here is mobx and mobx was basically a state management library that you can use where react and you can use it with anything.

I'm pretty sure I've seen it with angular and every type of framework. I even seen it with. Dark, like I've seen people use this. But to be honest with you, I just felt like it was never going to catch on and become like, as popular as people thought, especially when you have Redux. And I'm coming from the world of react and I'm like, okay, if redox already solved this problem right.

Of managing the state and yes, it's not perfect, but why would I go in and learn more backs, especially. Comparing the type of jobs that were there at the time everybody was using Redux. So it was like, it was a no brainer. I'm not learning this one. Ooh. Yes. I'm bringing a back coffee script. Some of you guys have heard of this.

Coffescript - Programming Language

Some of you guys have never heard of this. Now coffeescript is actually not that bad. This is actually my favorite thing out of this whole list that I have here that I will actually give it a chance. It was like, like a no brainer. This thing wasn't going to go nowhere. I do like the idea of it.

So basically it's like Java script makes with Python. Okay. And this was pretty popular in the Ruby. Now there was things like, coffee script tool, which was going to give us classes and a whole bunch of extra features, but guess what, once ESX was out and all the new versions of IES next, right?

Whatever version we're up to right now this then became. Okay. So it's if you went in and you follow the hype, you basically just wasted your time, to be honest with you. Okay. And I'm pretty sure there's an application out there still on coffee script, but yeah, this was a waste of time and I know it from the beginning.

Vue - Javascript Framework

Now this is another one, right? Vue JS VJs is the darling of the open source, the BB of the open source, right? The framework that's on a pedestal that everybody's rooting for. We want this one to win and shoe. I want it to win too, but to be honest with you, I just felt like view. Has always been just a copy of what react already had and what angular had and whatever framework was out there has to.

Okay. Now again, somebody might say isn't that a good thing, Joe, if you basically have a framework that gives you the best of everything. Yes and no. Yes. Okay, cool. Is going to be a pretty solid framework. But then at the same time, it's like, why would you go and switch from something like react or angular when you already know those things and then learn something new.

And then that's the main reason why just, I never jumped into view, shout out to even you. I think he's a great guy and I love that he's a hustler. And somebody that grinds because it's hard to promote and to get a framework to the level that is right. But at the same time, I just, I never liked it.

It was not for me. And at the same time, when view came out, it was like the highest point of react. And it's bro, all the jobs are overreacting. Why would I stop what I'm doing to learn review? It makes no sense. Even though, the Larabar community try to force it down our throats, it's fine.

Deno JS

Right here. We got good old Deno JS. I don't know if you guys remember, like in 20, 20, 20, 21, like people were going crazy. There's oh, a new replacement to no J yes. We have to stop whatever we're doing. And. Every single youtuber, every single blogger, one end stopped everything that they were doing.

And just say, we got to make a video about Deno JS and yes, it got a lot of views, but at the same time to me, I'm like, hold on, bro. Why would companies switch up after they already invested so much into no Node JS? Why will they go into Deno JS? Just because now is running JavaScript and TypeScript. That's cool, but that's not enough for me to say, Hey, we're going to go in and start using Dina.

And especially the way how you have to deal with the packages, the modules, et cetera. Like I'm good. Ya, keep this one. Okay. Y'all could keep this one. I'm not learning it. Now. This is the darling of the open-source and the Twitter crowd. Everybody wants to tell you to learn some, tell wings, see us as it's the future, man.

Listen, man, you can keep this one I'm away until this one passes.

Tailwind - CSS Framework

This reminds me something like, like coffeescript, like it was hot at the moment, but we're not going to see this in a few years. Again. I'll be honest with you guys again. Yes, it's cool. There's a lot of cool things that it's bringing into the table, but at the same time, this right here is a given. Okay. I'm not going to go in and be writing basically inline style. On every frigging HTML. Adding random classes. Oh, w 24 H 24 and D w 48 MD. This looks crazy that we even thinking about doing something like this in 2022. Okay. Especially if you actually go with CSS, this makes no sense to be doing okay.

I think this is great for certain needs. The people that can really do CSS like that, the people that enjoy maybe the backing a little bit more. And they say, you know what? I could just go in here, add a couple of styles. I don't have to really focus on creating like a custom CSS I could just use what's already there and give it some waves, some padding, some change.

The background got some, some modules or some extra features, some extra little UI things. And I don't have to focus on anything. I got the little components, you could do that. If you want to, I could actually do CSS. I don't know. I'll wait for this one to Passover when king and shout out to the guys from syntax, they inspired me to make this video and and it was when they got to the point where they talked about tailwind and I forgot the other guy's name, not what's boss, but the other guy, his name, he basically said, I'm waiting for this one to pass.And I'll be honest. I agree.

Dart - Programming Language

Now the last one here is actually dart. And I'm going to be honest with you. It's very simple. Why I'm not focusing on dark. I have zero interest in creating mobile applications and I'll give you guys a little tip. If you're planning on becoming a web developer, stick to things that have to do with web.

This idea of just jumping around one day, you're doing machine learning one day, you're doing mobile applications. One day. You're doing game development one day. You're doing I don't know, connecting little Arduinos with raspberry pies and having a baby that basically creates a USB with, from led lights.

Slow down. My guy. You're trying to do too much. You trying to learn too much. And guess what, when you do. You don't get to master anything. You don't get to actually do anything with your life. Okay. You have to maximize on the time that you have available to learn skills that are relevant to the career path that you're going on.


If you see something that pops up and just because people are talking about it, you have to go in and say, okay, will this help me in the long-term to get to the goals that I want to get to? Is it worth it for me to learn this things right? And that's the things that you got to ask yourself. Okay. Because if not, you're just learning things to learn it.

And then you're on the strep mill of just constantly learning new things that you never actually built anything. There's people that keep on learning and learning and learning. Don't have a job, have never had a client have never built anything meaningful have never done anything, but yet they know every framework, every library, every single thing that's out there.

And when you ask them, Hey man, what products have you launched? Now, like I said, all of this technologies and skills and frameworks, et cetera, like they have a place, they have a place to have a niche. But not for me. And as a web developer, sometimes we have to decide what's going to work for. We don't have to learn every single thing that's out here.

Again, we have to maximize our time and that's the only advice that I would give to anybody that's watching this. Okay. Because technology con frameworks, comm languages come and go constantly again. So whatever you thought that was hot right now. Guess what? In six months, most likely something else better is going to come out again.

So you have to actually go in and this. Is it really worth it to you to learn everything that just pops up. Okay. So again, there's a lot of things I didn't jump in the bandwagon and there's things that I'm not going to jump into the bandwagon for 2022 either. Okay. Now guys, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe.

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