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Ruel Misa - Web Producer

Ruel Misa - Web Producer
Ruel Misa Web Producer

Stumbling upon CodingPhase’s youtube channel was a Godsend. Before, I was unfocused with what I wanted in my career. He woke me up and helped me regain that focus. So, I had to try out his services. It was 20 bucks (16 with the discount) which was a steal. He breaks down every lesson easily and imparts his experience on each; you can actually notice it.

After a few months (2.5 to 3), I got my breakthrough as a Web Producer for Haymarket. I am currently a yearly subscriber because I want to get into the Shopify and entrepreneurial courses in order to gradually build my own business. He provides gems on the daily and I can attest that you will get your money’s worth! Thank you again Joe! You definitely changed people's lives with your service!

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