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After graduating from college back in 2019 I was working in a dead-end security job while waiting to hear back from city jobs. I knew that there were bigger opportunities out there for me and started with something I enjoyed like video games. I searched for the typical game dev tutorials and stumbled on a web dev tutorial.  After watching a couple of youtube videos on web dev, a coding phase video was recommended and I’m like “Wait this guy is also a Dominican from New York and is telling me I can learn this too”. 


At the end of 2019, I went through most of the Front end courses until one day I fell off the wagon. I decided around the beginning of the pandemic to go through a Bootcamp(after much research) and got hired as a Junior Software Developer after 3 months. Most of my coding skills came from Joe’s videos and he knows how to teach in a way that anyone could understand if they put in the work. I’m now back at Codingphase taking the Shopify theme development courses during my free time to expand on my skills.

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