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Emmanuel Perez Email Developer

I graduated college in 2020 with a CS degree & planned to get into DevOps. I didn’t enjoy coding in college due to not having the greatest professors, but once my DevOps plans didn’t go as I hoped I decided to give coding another chance after stumbling across CodingPhase on Youtube. I focused on HTML, CSS, and responsive web design, and for a few months I only built static sites; later moving onto JS. Within 6 months of CodingPhase and self-study, I was able to build a few projects that I later sent over with countless applications. I landed a Developer position in April 2021 and if it weren’t for finding CodingPhase in September I don’t know if I would’ve had the motivation to get where I am now.

I enjoyed Joe’s classes because as many will tell you they’re straightforward and simple to understand. Joe is someone I felt like I could relate to and because we came from the same background I was easily motivated by his success. Aside from the courses, the CodingPhase community has also been fully supportive and kept me going. I strongly recommend tuning into the live streams, everyone is very helpful and supportive. I still keep up with the streams and videos when I can. Entrepreneurship is a goal of mine and I know within a few years I can accomplish this thanks to CodingPhase.

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