Why is this tip important to my success as a new developer?…

Let’s get it out of the way… The most important thing you can do as a new developer learning to code is “Code Every Day.” That’s it…

It’s that simple… If you want to be a developer and make money with the things you are learning… If you want to retain the information you learned during previous lessons so you don’t have to keep relearning things and starting over from scratch… If you want to build momentum in your life towards the financial freedom and self-esteem you seek by gaining a new master skill… You will need to commit to finding a way to sit down and code for a minimum of fifteen minutes a day.

Programming is rife with obscure issues, and difficult problems with no clear solution. You will have to deal with these things regardless of your mood, or if you are a bit “under the weather.” Programming daily will also boost your self-esteem with the new skillset. You will find that you can explain concepts better, especially if you incorporate a method of tracking your activity and sharing it with other developers.

CodingPhase exists as a vibrant community of developers that spans across social media outlets and YouTube. Last year, many of us participated in a daily coding challenge where we posted screenshots of what we coded each day on our personal social media pages. A winner was chosen from those who completed the challenge and hand-delivered a brand new Macbook Pro.

Evelyn is the developer who won the #365CodingPhaseChallenge. Hear her speak about her journey after trying traditional schooling, and different learning platforms.

Winner of #365CodingPhaseChallenge talks about the benefits of coding every day and how she found success with CodingPhase after trying traditional college and other learning platforms.

I invite you to enter the 365 Coding Phase Challenge and code every day. Commit to doing this on your own. You will have to prioritize the activity for some days. You will have to make sure you force yourself to code before going to bed. The repetition of coding, then posting about what you coded, will get you accustomed to using the terms associated with web development in the descriptive matter you will need to do during the interview process. Your self-esteem will rise as you connect with other developers and talk about code. Join our free chatroom on Discord, with 2,954 developers and growing, to talk about code and get help solving issues. If you are a member of the CodingPhase learning platform, you will have access to the Facebook ASAP Developer Group depending upon what package you purchased. Members of the Facebook group are focused on putting their skills into practice to advance themselves financially.

Learn what you need to get hired…

The CodingPhase platform is the only place where students consistently learn the required skills to get a job while building real projects, using the fundamental developer software, documentation, and real-world approaches used within the industry daily. Project-based instruction enables students to learn in a grounded sequential matter that removes the burden of having to rely on memorized instruction because each project drills through how things are used repeatedly. Project-based learning is important because it saves students from the frustration of having to start over multiple times. Students learn the practical workflow used in real-world development so the skills learned can be duplicated intuitively.

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