Why must developers avoid this major issue when learning to code?…

Truthfully, there are two major challenges to learning to program. I will focus on the first one because it is the main reason people never last long enough to experience success. The biggest challenge when it comes to learning this skillset falls underneath the umbrella of “lack of clarity.”

My journey took roughly over a decade before I knew what questions to ask, or how to form a proper goal. I spun in place chasing every new technology, switched to different languages on free learning platforms, and considered attending college to learn things traditionally. I had no idea what success looked like, so I had no way of knowing how to get there. I harken back to the weight-loss and fitness analogy at the beginning of the previous article. It is important to know what your desired end-goal is so you can choose a proper approach, visualize your progress, and check-in with yourself along the way to stay on track.

How do I start? Where do I start? What options do I have to choose from?

Okay, this may be the most important portion of the article. I am going to give you a concise overview of the computer science industry as a whole so you have a basic understanding of common terms and grasp how the pieces fit together. It is important to know what we discuss in this section so you understand what to study and don’t waste your time on things that won’t get you paid as a developer.

Coding is a general term used within computer science to describe the act of writing instructions that a computer follows. The computer follows these instructions constantly, without exception. This is important because it allows you to trust the process and understand than any errors/issues that arrive are either due to your input or a mistake made by the people who designed the technology you are using. The computer can do multiple tasks quickly and efficiently because the process is based around the passage of electrons across a series of computer chips at the speed of light. The bulk of the internet operates near the speed of light and transmits messages back and forth between computers through fiber-optic cables.

Coding skills are used primarily in the two closely related industries of software development, and web development. Although web development is a subset of software development it offers the largest opportunity for employment and business ventures. We will examine this later and how important web development will be in the future.

Coding involves the use of two types of languages. A markup language is used to build structured interfaces, provide basic display elements, and style what the user sees when they interact with a computer program. Programming languages are used to encode a series of instructions that allow computer systems to make decisions.

Software developers typically use traditional programming languages like C/C#/C++ and Java to manipulate data held in a database application, then display the result in the viewport in a readable format. Software developers design their code to run in specific computer operating systems [Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc]. Lastly, software developers often use verbose strict programming languages with traditional structured coding practices that take a long time to write productive code. Developers are forced to reduce errors upfront during the early stages of development so the application runs cleanly once it is put into production and customers use it. Flexible languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP are used to develop newer technology or applications that need to be built quickly.

Web developers use loosely typed languages to manipulate data held in a database application, then display the result in the viewport in a readable format. However, there are two main differences between web and software developers. Web developers write their code to run inside web browsers instead of individual computer operating systems. Also, the web browser serves as the viewport and is controlled with the frontend web stack languages HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Web development as an extra advantage over other fields in computer science. The web browser setup can be used to display information rendered by the traditional software development applications described above. Web developers have the added benefit of being able to pair their skillset with every other computer science technology by designing user interfaces for things that range from artificial intelligence to traditional web sites. Every business and government agency is expected to have a web presence that is accessible on multiple types of devices, on various browsers.

The application of web technology is constantly expanding as other technologies are being fazed out in favor of web development. The software development paradigm advanced to prefer to host advanced applications in the cloud and allow customers to access it through a browser the username and password instead of the older way of deploying the codebase to run directly on a costumer’s computer. An example of this is the software people use for bookkeeping and tax preparation. Refrigerator interfaces and center-consoles of vehicles are now expected to have internet access. Therefore, we suggest students start their learning path with web development because of its widespread options and future growth. We’ve found that the introduction to programming concepts is more ground because you can make visually stimulating projects.

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