A Few Days Back one of my friends said that Hey What Do you think What is the best font for programming if you are also in a hard maze to find the best font for you. You can Continue …

In this article, i am gonna list up the top fonts which you can use in your ide, Text Editor or your terminal as well to give a new fresh look and feel.

Let’s have a look


Consolas is one of the best fonts for programmers as well as quite popular among programmers as well it gained a lot of property especially with the release of sublime 3 and even loved by programmers from all the categories either it is web dev, app dev It doesn’t matters where there are huge lines of code Consolas is there

Top 10 Fonts for Your Text Editor - Consals
Consolas Font Image

Where to get Consolas ???

Actually Consolas comes pre-installed with most of the systems out there so no need to check out sites to download it


The Second Font in this List is Input as its name suggests it is for inputs whereas most fonts are based on the scheme of same size same space for all input comes with a new way of differentiating with it and this scheme is loved by a lot of crowds so obviously it is worth checking it out as well

second best font for text editors

Where to Get Input ???

Input comes pre-installed with most of the updated systems if not try upgrading the system or you can download it from your repos its out there in debian repos


If anyone is making a list of Heroes and forget Iron Man How will it look like same is here if we are making a list named as Top 10 Fonts for Your Text Editor than how can we forget about the Inconsolata one of the most premium looking fonts out there which is favoured by most of the programmers for its gentle style

Top 10 Fonts for Your Text Editor - Inconsolata

Where to get Inconsolata ???

You can check if your system has it or not if not you can get it from Here


The fourth Number in this list is of Hack one of the most elegant and geek font out there It was designed by Chris Simpkins and Distributed under the Open Font License It is a monospace based font and loved by a lot of the programmers who are looking for something to give them more freshness from their default font

Where to get Hack ???

You can get it by clicking Here

Menlo (Sublimes Great Font)

Now Maybe You Heard this Name if Not Most of us have used it for a long time This is the font from which a lot of us have started their programming journey as this is the default font for sublime and loved for its thin and clean looking interface and believe me it is one of the fonts that I still love

Where to get Menlo ???

You can get it by downloading Sublime Super Simple because i am not able to find any trusted one out there

Ubuntu Mono

It is designed by Vincent Connare and considered as most professional looking font out there by big names of the industry and if you have ever used ubuntu in your life than you maybe know this font yeah this font is the default font of Ubuntu and yeah we can say it has created an iconic place between programmers

Where to get Ubuntu Mono ???

You can get Ubuntu Mono by Clicking Here it’s free

Anonymous PRO

No, No Don’t get scared by this name believe me it is the font maybe if you used it for the one you will not think of changing it belive me i am serious with cutting edge clarity to no overlapping this is the thing maybe font is worth considering int this list

Where to Get Anynoumus PRO ???

You can get it by clicking Here

Adobe Source Code Pro

So If We are talking about Elegancy, Style and something Design related How can we expect that adobe will not come in it means seriously how can someone think of it Adobe Code Pro is the font which is famous for its clean look and delights it is one of the best fonts by adobe This is a paid font and comes under the hood of adobe

Where to get Adobe Source Code PRO ???

If you want you can have a look Here (their faq)

Wrapping Up

Actually Font is just dependent upon the personal choice of the user what he likes or whatnot these are the fonts which are used by the top professionals as well as to new kids and obviously a font doesn’t matter a lot your code does.

This list doesn’t rank the fonts every font is best in its own way and everyone has a choice