Shane Murphy Interview

Shane Murphy
March 16, 2019

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Shane Murphy, I am 33 years old and I currently live in North Carolina.

How did you get interested in programming?

I first learned about programming about 5 years ago. I was living in Houston, Tx for about a year and fell on some very hard times. I was in a bad situation financially and homeless in the streets of Houston. All my family and friends lived back in NC so I didnt have any help. Needless to say I was struggling and running out of hope. At one point I was staying with a co-worker and I ran across a blog about a guy who taught himself programming using free online resources, and went from making 9/hr at a seafood resturant to making 38/hr at a major media company only 3 years later at 26 years old. I then researched more about the industry and seen that it was true and that many others were breaking into the industry without a degree. I have always been into techology and good with computers so I dove in head first. I was working two part time jobs at the time, so I saved up my money and bought a laptop for $150 bucks. I found and started from there. From there I went to teamtreehouse, freecodecamp and any other resource I could find. Ever since then I have been honing my skills and building a portfolio of all my projects.

Where do you learn new skills?

I have used almost every free resource on the web: Codecadamy, TeamTreehouse, Freecodecamp, Youtube etc. When I found CodingPhase's channel on youtube years ago, it gave me hope and confidence that I was on the right track. As well as a community that I felt connected to. Joe gave me advice to take certain courses on Udemy and I listened and completed all of those. Everytime I have listened to his advice I always feel like I have leveled up afterwards. So codingphase and udemy have probably been the biggest gamechanger for me, I have became alot better due to these two.

What do you love the most about programming?

What I love the most about programming is the ability to make something cool out of nothing. It is the most empowering feeling when you look back at what you created. Especially when you struggle with a bug that is breaking your project and you search for the solution for hours, and then finally you fix it, that feeling is amazing. Another thing I love is that you are constantly learning, there is always something new to learn, so you are always getting those little feelings of accomplishment pushing you along. I have never found anything else in my life that gives me the same feeling like programming and web development in general. It has givin me purpose, and literally pulled me out of poverty and despair.

What do you hate about programming?

I cant really say there is anything I hate about programming. There are many things that annoy me, but those same problems once solved are the reason I love it.

Are you currently working as a developer?

For the last few years I have been freelancing and have built sites for a few companies along the way. This has gave me experience and helped build my resume with projects to show. I have been applying for jobs seriously for the past year or so with not too much luck. I have got a few call backs, 2 phone interviews, only 1 of the phone interviews led to an in-office interview, and that happened just last week. So I am hoping that I hear back from this company soon.

What's your favorite stack or type of applications?

I cant really say whats my favorite as I havent gotten too far into using any particular stack. I am going to get into react very soon so the MERN stack sounds appealing. But as of now I only have experience messing around with the LAMP stack.

What's a technology or language or skill you wish to learn in the future?

React is definitly the next thing on my list to learn and master. As I progress in web development I think I am gravitating more and more to the front end.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself in a senior position in a good company while mastering many skills. I also aim to develop passive income through my blogs and many niche sites. Eventually I want to have my own companies and have enough passive income to travel the world and work on cool projects of my own. That is the dream for me, being financially free and comfortable, while doing what I love to do.

If you were to go back into time and give yourself an advice to make it easier to learn to code what would you say?

If I could go back in time, I would have started learning to code way earlier in my life before I had a long list of responsibilites to handle. I would have went super hard and mastered many skills so I could be financially free at an early age and have more time doing the things I enjoy.

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