Why is this topic important?

Our main goal on the CodingPhase learning platform is to focus on the real-world skills that are needed to get new developers working in the industry as quickly as possible. This article is intended for developers looking to learn what relevant technologies to focus on as a backend developer coding server-side logic in Javascript.

Frameworks that are commonly seen as requirements for job listings, deployed in real-world web applications, or incorporate the relevant programming paradigms were given priority. We do not want you to invest your attention in learning to use a set of tools unless it valued within the industry, and shares fundamental features with other established web technologies. Our goal is for you to be able to acclimate to new codebases with the skills you’ve learned based upon these recommendations.

Popularity is King in the programming community. The adoption of technology often hinges upon how many people are interested in it. A healthy ecosystem of developers working with a codebase allows it to grow steadily and become more refined. Ultimately, the long term adoption of a web technology hinges upon the consistent backing of an enthusiastic group of open-source developers who contribute to it for free, or else, the project needs backing from a well-funded technology company for it to reach maturity.

It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of learning to use a new library/framework because it has potential based upon how it uses the cool technology of the month. For example, think about all the people who dropped everything to focus on the latest thing in block-chain or artificial intelligence. Many of these enthusiastic, well-meaning developers have invested their attention into a technology that will remain in its infancy due to a lack of widespread adoption. You do not want this to happen to you. Show that you value your time and streamline your learning with the themes of this article.

We recommend that you learn these two specific Node JS MVC frameworks that are capable of functioning as REST API used by trendy and traditional tech companies.

  • Express – loosely structured MVC codebase that is a highly adaptive server appreciated for its flexibility, and incorporated into structured full-stack enterprise MEAN applications.
  • Adonis – structured MVC codebase modeled in the tradition of the Ruby on Rails framework. It allows developers to be productive, with advanced features quickly.

Why is Node JS used in the web software development industry?

Javascript is the most popular language in all of computer science. This fact is seen clearly when searching with it as a keyword on job websites. Node is the server-side flavor of Javascript used to code proprietary computer logic that companies wish to keep on their private servers. It speeds up the performance of an application by performing calculations on data before it is shown inside the web browser.

Serverside code has been traditionally done with verbose languages, that follow strict guidelines that lengthen the time it takes to write a productive web application. Node JS and its frameworks were designed to modernize the process by allowing the proactive design of web applications that can do things like sending push notifications and handle multiple request-response cycles without having to allocate computing resources that wait for each event to complete. Furthermore, development time decreases drastically because Javascript logic can be used to code the frontend and backend of the codebase. The use of a singular language for the full application allows the development team to adopt uniform practices that cut down on errors and misunderstandings long term.

What are Node JS frameworks used for?

Serverside languages and technologies aim to accomplish the same thing. The purpose of each framework is to handle the request-response cycle with code that ranges from being minimal, with room to incorporate additional libraries for extra functionality, to strictly structured code with extra functionality built into the framework.

Express is a minimalist, highly adaptive Node Javascript framework that is very popular in the web software development industry. Creative developers like its flexibility because they can mold it to fit different applications with the dynamic set of features that make it suitable to develop mobile and web applications.

Enterprise companies that prefer traditional development patterns incorporate Express as the server layer in MEAN full-stack web applications [MongoDB database, Express web server, Angular frontend clientside JS framework, and Node as the serverside language].

Adonis JS is a favorite on the CodingPhase platform. It is feature-heavy, approachable and straightforward to use. It has outstanding documentation. We use Adonis JS in our major projects to build professional quality web applications. This particular tool is important within the industry due to its similarity to the popular PHP Laravel framework. Development skills that hinge upon familiarity with PHP are a plus within the web development industry since it is the most common web language used for server-side programming, therefore it makes sense to adopt the patterns used within it.

The Adonis JS framework is special because it comes fully stocked with everything you will need to run a complex enterprise-level web application. Beginners can invest their time wisely and learn how to use it’s built-in ORM features to interact smoothly with all the popular SQL and No-SQL databases used within the industry in high-tech firms and enterprise companies. Adonis is both secure and scalable. It uses standardized code writing practices that allow developers to incorporate advanced concepts like user-authentication, sessions, tokens, send and receive emails as long as they understand ES6 and asynchronous programming concepts.

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