Why is it important to have a clear idea of how long it takes to learn to code?

Products and educational services in the “Learn to Code/Program” niche are sold with many of the gimmicky tactics used to sell weight-loss and fitness products. Someone might achieve perfect results in a short amount of time, while others may take a long time to gain the outcome they were looking for. Many will quit before achieving anything. This article will answer this question thoroughly so you can truly understand how long it takes to learn to code.

The Truth…

  • Beginners can pick up on the syntax of a coding language right away within the 1st hour you attempt to learn it.
  • You can work through the foundational building blocks of a coding language within a day and have a working grasp of how to use the fundamentals of a language within 1-2 weeks depending upon how simple the purpose of the language is. Markup languages that provide structure like HTML are quicker to learn than a programming language that encodes computer logic like Javascript, Python, or C/C#/C++.
  • Once you grasp the fundamentals, start using them right away to build small projects. Ultimately you’ll want to scale up to a larger more practical project that is useful in the real-world towards the end of the 1st Month.
  • Repeat the process of building real-world projects repetitively until you have assembled a portfolio that is indicative of your level of skill while learning to use all of the tools and resources within the industry to problem-solve issues along the way. If you can start with a clear goal in mind, and dedicate significant time to the practice of coding daily you’ll be proficient enough to contribute to real-world projects on a development team or service clients within 3-6 months depending upon how much time you are able to devote to coding consistently.
  • IMPORTANT: Programmers are able to use languages and tools to compose solutions to problems in real-world development. Think of how a music composer uses different instruments to create full works of music that range in scale, and fit different scenarios. Many people make the mistake of focusing on a language or new technology. The proper approach is to develop the skills needed to use relevant languages, in concert with relevant tools and technology, to compose practical solutions for clients in your role as a developer.
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Now you have a grounded idea of what it takes to succeed on your learning journey. However, ensure your success by learning to avoid the biggest challenge when learning to code

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