Shopify Developer Gold Rush

Shopify has quickly been picking up steam as a platform. This charts show the amount Shopify has payed developers has doubled every year since 2014. As a result Shopify Developer Salaries/Incomes have been reflecting this increase 

While we can see that Shopify is quickly increasing. Some may think that this $90.8 is being spread between many developers, and that no one is making a good living off of making apps for Shopify. Well let me quickly dispel that myth

That’s not a bad yearly income at all

Some people will believe alright there’s money in Shopify, but it must surely be difficult and hard to learn. Well let’s meet two people who are in these top 25% of developers

Sell on the Shopify Platform

Meet Two Shopify Developers


This is a  new company that has great success with their apps (currently 13) with over 50,000 active users paying for their app each month. Not only do they have a good customer base, but they say this quickly growing. They also say to developers that the Shopify API, Libraries and Developer community is all top notch. This means that developers never have to worry about scratching their heads while making apps. They can instead focus on impactful applications that will help e-commerce owners. The best selling app for Hextom is free shipping bar which has over 5,000 shopify owners paying them a monthly fee of which they keep 80%.

ForsBerg + Two

This was an interesting and inspiring story. This was a man that has just got promoted in an investment bank and was making a very good income already. However, he took the leap to become an entrepreneur selling Shopify apps. He said this all paid off when got the sigh of relief after getting his first customer  within 24 hours of releasing his application. The top application for ForsBerg + Two takes information from a customers order. Then after the Shopify owner has chosen a template from the selections ForsBerg offers generates invoices, receipts and return forms.  

Big Impact, Enormous Profit and Approachable Difficulty

Some of the best selling apps are simple to moderate difficulty to make like the two applications we mentioned from Hexatom and ForsBerg + Two. These developers are making a healthy profit by selling on the Shopify platform

While these apps are simple these aforementioned developers are making well above a level 4 at google or Facebook .


The best part about this is they have they are making passive income, by focusing on what business owners want and need.  All without having to crack the coding interview and study algorithms and data structures for months.


If you prefer to work on a freelance basis then experienced Shopify developers are making $50 – $200 per hour for the best of the best. With entry level developers coming in at the $35-60 dollar range. This is happening because the demand for Shopify developers is outpacing the supply

I Want to Work at a Company
Not everyone will want to start off on the entrepreneurial route, some will want to start off in a company first.  There are plenty of opportunities

to work as a Shopify developer. Some of these jobs are offering more than $100k for these jobs. While this may not be your starting salary for your first developer job. It shows you the ceilings are high for Shopify developer salaries. I’m sure as Shopify continues to double we will only see the ceiling on developer salaries increase. 

Well now you have an idea of the salary you can make both as an entrepreneur and working at a company.

Best Way To Get Started

With all that being said we looked far and wide to find a comprehensive course on Shopify. The offerings were sparse and incomplete, so at CodingPhase we started offering a complete course. Where we walk you through everything you’d need to start making money with Shopify or improve your current business

We take you from beginning to from setting up your text editor, teaching you design theory, HTML, CSS and Javascript to make dazzling front-end experiences. We teach you ruby and Ruby on Rails, so that you can hop into backend development and be a full-stack Shopify developer.  Git so that you can have a version control system so you can revert to previous versions in case of bugs. 

Then once you’ve made your phenomenal Shopify store we show you how to drive traffic to your website. Introducing the world to your product with our Facebook and Google Ads course. Then you can monitor exactly how well people are responding to your site with our google analytics course.

This is regularly a $1,160 dollar value, but we’re allowing people to pre-order and get access to 10 courses for $500. This is only for early adopters soon the price will be going up. We are also offering a payment plan of $125/Month over 4 months for people who prefer that. You can sign up for this limited time offer here.

Shopify Career Bundle

We hope you get on early on this Shopify gold rush.While Shopify Developer salaries continue to climb

There’s plenty opportunity for everyone